Collection: Yellow Table Lamps

Yellow lamps can bring liveliness and dynamics to a space decorated in monochrome, especially if it is a moderate color like gray or white that allows experimentation. Different shades in this collection will show you the rich nature of yellow. While Daisy will appear in the fullness of deep, warm tones that remind us of these flowers last October bloom, Limoncello will tell another story. Its soft and gentle appearance will change all that we know about brightness and intense tones of yellow - as if the artist only allowed a few drops of lemon peel color to be mixed with a bowl of milk.  

Yellow Ceramic Table Lamps

Choose one of the classic or modern shapes and combine it with any shade of yellow to create a lamp specially designed for your home. If you want a lively piece full of perky toppings in your space, go for dip-banded lamps from this collection. They will forever show the beautiful, vibrant dance between yellow and white tones. The yellow ceramic lamp will not be just another item in your home. These pieces, crafted with the touch of an imperfect human hand, will represent a work of art that is accompanied by practical use and can completely change the ambiance of your home. If you want to make a statement with your choice of lamp, that will say: I adore life, I love sunshine, and I love to live! - go for any of the summery lamps from this collection. They will always bring a cheerful spirit and light to your home.