Collection: Gold Desk Lamps

Opt for one of our gold desk lamp models for an intriguing, practical, and unique aesthetic piece. This collection is a must if you want to add luxury to your workplace. For those who appreciate character and unique expression, our small gold desk lamps are a perfect choice. With a broad palette of colors and a dappled gold design, these handcrafted lamps can create a charming ambiance in any space, be it a reading corner or a professional office. Pair our olive and gold desk lamp with a gold base for a truly opulent piece.

White and Gold Desk Lamps

Each white and gold desk lamp in this collection showcases a tender combination that will add a soft touch to your room. Dappled lamps that combine white and gold fully bring the smooth side of gold, as its intensity gets a break in white. Uneven shapes on these lamps make them unique and will remind you that the lamp in front of you is handmade just for you.  Don’t miss banded white and gold lamps for a slightly more reserved combination, as stripes of white and gold don’t get into a creative fusion but instead stand as a calm contrast. Combine our white and gold desk lamps with acrylic bases and drum shade for modern pieces. Combine our coved gold luster lamp base with a pembroke shade if you prefer a luxury and classic look.