Collection: Purple Table Lamps

Enter the world of magic and mystery with variations of deep purple shades in this collection. Purple hides many meanings in its depths: at the same time, it can represent nobility and creativity, wisdom and extravagance. Our purple table lamps allow you to experience different dimensions of this beautiful color. Light purple lamps will add refinement and subtle color to any room, creating a soft and inviting ambiance. Don't miss our Grape and Vine shades if you prefer deep hues. Combine it with a gold lamp base to round up a luxury piece. 

Lilac Table Lamps

Lilac takes a special place in this collection as it has many variations. A gentle note of lilac creates a perfect contrast for a fresh sage green. The result is an extraordinary modern lamp that can draw attention wherever we place it. 

If you are in the mood for a dose of luxury, our table lamps' combination of gold and lilac will show you the true meaning of the word opulence. 

Purple lilacs are a symbol of the first feelings of love, according to the 1884 book The Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway. Lamps from this collection carry something undoubtedly romantic and innocent as the first love is. If you are thinking of a gift for someone you deeply care about, a handcrafted unique lilac lamp can be your perfect choice for a romantic statement. 

Lilac table lamps from this collection are one-of-a-kind, handmade, and signed by Paul Schneider.