Collection: Black Bedside Lamps

If you prefer distinctiveness and a unique expression, you will love each black detail on handcrafted lamps from this collection. Mix the energetic moves of a brush with black pain on its bristles and white surface. Add artistic inspiration to this mix - that is how the brushstroke black-and-white lamps from our collection are created.

The black nightstand lamp is perfect for the bedroom. Its simple and elegant design maintains a calm and composed atmosphere, allowing you to infuse your moments of relaxation with the aesthetics of this exceptional art piece.

Modern Black Bedside Lamps

Each piece from our collection of black ceramic table lamps brings a contemporary touch to your space. Combine one of our lamps with a glossy black glaze and an acrylic lamp base for a modern piece suitable for your bedroom’s minimalistic interior design. We offer over two dozen solutions for lamp bodies’ design. Choose the soft appearance of our curved-shaped lamps or the sharpness of our lamps with distinctive edges. Either way, you will have a modern and uniquely crafted art piece in your home.