Collection: Coral Table Lamps

A coral reef is one of the truly magical parts of life on Earth. It is complex, incredible, and vividly colored, reminiscent of a world from a fairy tale or an animated film. 
The glossy finish and premium coral glaze in this collection's multi-banded drip pattern can resemble a fantastical coral reef world. These lamps, with their captivating blend of white and different shades of coral color, offer a unique visual experience for the observer. The soft, rounded lines of lamp shapes bring the essence of this exquisite color, making it perfect for any space that needs a touch of tenderness and delicacy.

Coral Ceramic Table Lamps

The slow formation of corals and coral reefs teaches us that beauty requires patience. Every lamp from this collection was slowly made by a human hand. Coral and ceramics represent unique possibilities of living creatures: creation. Corals create parts of their body for their survival, and artists create to express themselves, their thoughts, and their emotions - and sometimes, that can also be a form of survival in a fast, insensitive world. Combined with each coral ceramic lamp, these coexisting elements from the human and sea world can inspire us to think philosophically about creativity and the connection between all living beings. Coral lamps from this collection are one-of-a-kind, handmade, and signed by Paul Schneider.