Collection: Gold Bedside Lamps

Lamps from this collection will allow you to spoil yourself with extravagance. Their appearance seems to belong to the Baroque period, as there is something a bit theatrical about it. The luxury of a gold nightstand lamp will permanently bring warmth and uniqueness to your bedroom. 
Rose and gold are an incredibly charming combination, revealing a pure delicacy. If you prefer character and a unique expression, you will love the charming dance of colors on these handcrafted lamps.

White and Gold Bedside Lamp

When we think about white and gold on a lamp, there are many possibilities. However, the artist’s favorite technique for these two colors is dappled gold on a glossy white surface. The result is a white lamp that looks like it was carefully laid in miniature gold leaves. This combination evokes elegance and tenderness. Calm and simple white perfectly calms down gold’s extravagant nature. A white and gold bedside lamp will combine practicality with unique beauty.  Each lamp in our collection is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship that blends the opulence of gold with the imperfect touch of hand-painted shapes.