Collection: Mustard Table Lamps

This collection inevitably carries retro vibes since this shade of yellow brings back the seventies. If you feel a bit nostalgic, mustard yellow lamps can evoke the atmosphere of the old, simpler days. We can proudly say that these lamps are totally hip! And if you are wondering, that was the all-time favorite term for “being cool” during this groovy decade.  Choose a model combining gold with yellow for pieces that exude luxury and opulence while keeping warm tones. These models will blend beautifully with dark wood colors. 

Mustard Yellow Table Lamps

Don’t miss dip-banded models from this collection for a gentle combination of mustard and white. Their tender and subtle dance fits perfectly with round-line models. However, unicolor glossy solid models will bring an old-school look to your home. We have two options for a shade: drum and Pembroke, or you can choose a lamp without shade. Choose one of the other eight lamp bases to make a perfect piece, and as a specially vintage option, we recommend an acrylic base.