Collection: Green Desk Lamps

Deep shades in this collection will add calmness and elegance to your workspace. Green beautifully complements all wooden and nude tones. If you are looking for a piece that will add dynamics and the colors of nature to your office, one of the forest green drip-banded pieces may be your best choice. A classic green desk lamp combines dark green with a wooden base. Choose light shades for a classic yet contemporary result that will brighten your desk.

Green and Gold Desk Lamps

The dappled technique allowed the artisan to experiment with this beautiful contrast. Although considered a classic choice, these lamps bring a touch of extravagance to any room. You can opt for a dappled dark green that can remind you of a chaotic, magnificent universe or, on the contrary, for the calm and strict aesthetics of banded lamps. We recommend choosing one of our gold lamp bases for solid green to perfectly balance calm and modest green and opulent gold.

Ceramic Desk Lamps

Handcrafted ceramic lamps perfectly blend artistry and functionality, adding a unique touch to any workspace or home office. A third of your day is spent at work, and that is why you should have additional comfort and a pleasant ambiance in your office. A beautifully decorated working environment can positively affect motivation and make even the most difficult tasks look easier.

Whether you prefer lively hues that will wake you up or the calming classic black or white colors in your workspace, the attractive artistic solutions on our lamps cover all tastes. The true luxury of our time is to have something handmade and one-of-a-kind. Spoil yourself with the perfect combination of traditional crafts and modern design of our lamps. 

Personality is what makes pieces in these collections unique. Our ceramic desk lamps have little imperfections—precisely what makes them perfect. Those are little proofs that human hands crafted each lamp and put time, thought, and effort into every detail. Our ceramic desk lamps are more than just lighting fixtures. They are pieces of art that bring warmth, character, and a personalized touch to your space.