Collection: Black Table Lamps

What connects Texas, art, ceramics, and functional design? A collection of ceramic lamps by Paul Schneider. Black lamps from this collection can show you that even an everyday item, such as a black table lamp, can be exquisite if adequately made. If you prefer character and a unique expression, you will love each black detail on these handcrafted lamps. 

Every lamp is a unique work of art that combines artistry and functionality. You can use them in your living room, bedroom, or a corner of your home that needs a little black.

Black Ceramic Table Lamps

Mysterious darkness awakens our imagination as we think about black ceramic's dramatic and sophisticated aesthetic.

Each piece from the collection of black ceramic table lamps brings a contemporary touch to your space. Yet, it represents a piece of art that will never lose value. No two lamps are identical, bearing an intimate artistic touch, perfect in their imperfection. Explore our collection of black table lamps and find one that will complement your home.