Collection: Silver Bedside Lamps

Created to be unique, silver lamps combine metallic futuristic looks with millennia-old ceramic tradition. These pieces are a perfect addition to your minimalistic bedroom decor, as they have a practical function at night, but their aesthetic makes them beautiful art pieces during the day. The reserved nature of platinum becomes alive and playful during daylight, focalizing attention on itself. This seems only fair when considering the time and the meticulous artisan’s skill put into these pieces. Why wouldn’t they steal all the attention?

Ceramic Bedside Lamps

In today's world, many have come to appreciate the intrinsic value of traditional crafts. This is particularly notable in an era where household decor items are often mass-produced in factories, lacking the unique character and soul that define handmade pieces crafted with care. The true luxury of our time is to have something handmade and unique. A ceramic bedside lamp can be a reminder not to forget the old times. Each lamp from our collection comes with its little imperfections - and that is precisely what makes it perfect. Those are little proofs that a human with emotions, ideas, and skills put in the time, thought about the process, imagined, combined colors, and crafted each lamp. Personality is what makes pieces from these collections unique. Your bedside lamp shouldn’t be just another item in your house. Spoil yourself with the individuality and uniqueness of our ceramic lamps.