Collection: Gold Table Lamps

Choose a lamp from this collection to add warmth and luxury to your space. A gold lamp is a powerful piece that will attract the attention of everyone in the room. Exceptionally, if it’s carefully crafted, rich, and dramatic, despite its dominance, gold in combination with white evokes a feeling of tenderness and delicacy. A white and gold lamp will bring a touch of elegance to your home.  To add a royal touch to your space, choose one of our collection’s exceptional combinations of hand-made examples — a blue and gold lamp.

Gold Ceramic Table Lamps

The tradition of gold ceramics goes back several millennia. Gold-painted ceramics are highly valued in many cultures and represent a symbol of power, fortune, and status. Gold ceramic lamps will bring a touch of antiquity, luxury, and a sense of timelessness to your home. Each lamp in our collection is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship that blends the opulence of gold with the imperfect touch of hand-thrown shapes.