Collection: White Table Lamps

There is something about the simple elegance of white table lamps that will never stop being modern. This classic color’s universality allows you to incorporate it into any interior style. 

The distinctiveness of our handmade lamps lies in the exciting combination of lines and shades of white, which will bring the aesthetics of ancient temples into your home. The unique handcrafting and charming imperfections of each piece allow you to express your individuality and personal taste.

White Ceramic Table Lamps

The purity of white enhances the natural beauty of ceramic, allowing its texture and craftsmanship to shine. Blue and white first come to mind on the path of a more traditional combination of colors. These colors combined on ceramics have a centuries-old history, ever since artisans discovered that blue pigment stays permanently on ceramics because it can withstand high firing temperatures. This collection has unique blue and white table lamps in various tones and designs. Black and white are another great color combination that goes beautifully on a lamp. These pieces are made with special care to bring a touch of modernity and contrast to your space with their unique details.