Collection: Olive Green Table Lamps

High-quality, handmade olive green lamps from this collection will add to the peaceful ambiance of your space. The artisan has found inspiration in this ancient symbol of peace and prosperity. Olives come in many shades. One will resemble pale green olives harvested in October when the harvesting season begins in Greece. Other deep shades may remind you of hundreds of years old olive groves in Spain. This fruit can inspire you with its fascinating historical importance and aesthetic. Lamps from this collection can remind you to dream or explore the mysteries of important symbolics.   

Olive Green Ceramic Lamps

A wide selection of green shades allows you to choose the perfect one to fit your home's design. Light olive green table lamps will bring vintage vibes into your space, while dark olive can inspire you to create a quiet corner. For those who seek a bit of modern luxury, a combination of gold and olive can meet all your needs for tasteful opulence. 

We offer two options for a shade: drum and Pembroke, or you can choose a lamp without shade. Combine it with one of the nine lamp bases to make a perfect piece.