Collection: Teal Table Lamps

Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. Adding a piece that incorporates the specific aesthetics of this color with elegant lines of classic shapes can bring your home closer to a peaceful oasis after a busy day. The artisan had a chance to play with the varieties of teal and came up with exquisite yet quite diverse solutions. In the pieces that combine teal with white, we can almost see the raging waves of the sea and the white foam representing their end. We recommend a walnut base for a dark teal table lamp, as it compliments this color. 

Teal Ceramic Table Lamps

Each lamp in this collection tells a personal story about the owner’s taste. Are you seeking the calmness and eternal wisdom of the sea? Or do you prefer a modern combination of abstract shapes that flow from nude into the depths of blue and green? With teal lamps, you can discover a new sense of beauty. All lamps are hand-made, with attention to every detail and human touch. That’s why teal ceramic lamps will not be just another decorative item in your home. They will bring a piece of serenity and unique elegance to any room. These pieces go well with wooden furniture and any earthy tone in your house.