Collection: Grey Table Lamps

Grey symbolizes the balance between extremes, as black and white represent a synonym for opposites. Each grey table lamp is unique because, in every shade, the artisan finds a slightly different balance for these two contraries. In some models from this collection, you will find modern combinations of grey and white and luxurious models that show complementarity between gold and grey. For unicolor models of lamps, you can choose between dark and light grey, combined with the glossy solid cover, which enhances the depths of this classic hue. 

Grey Ceramic Table Lamps

The current lamp collection consists of over two dozen unique shapes named after Texas towns and available in various glaze schemes. You can combine them to get the perfect ceramic lamp for your home. Gray should be your first choice if you are looking for a piece that will fit any existing home decoration and yet have enough personality to draw attention. This color is also an excellent choice for a gift because it goes well with many shades. So, even if you are not sure about the taste of the person you are getting a lamp for, with gray, you can’t make a mistake. Whether you are buying a grey ceramic lamp for yourself or others, one thing is sure: you will add a touch of sophistication and quiet luxury to any space with pieces from this collection.