Collection: White Bedside Lamps

Enjoy the classic elegance of handmade lamps from this collection. A combination of curved lines with crackle white glaze results in exceptional pieces that remind us of loved antique statues and their imperfect white surface on which time has taken its toll. 
If you are looking for perfection, pieces with glossy solid white glaze may be the answer. A white nightstand lamp will match any bedroom style. Depending on your base and lamp shade choice, you can make this universal piece modern, rustic, classic, or vintage - yours is to imagine.

White Ceramic Bedside Lamps

The purity of white enhances the natural beauty of ceramic, allowing its texture and craftsmanship to shine. Some lamps from this collection are examples of the perfect union of two colors that highlight the best in each other. A white and gold bedside lamp can bring tenderness and sophistication to your space. The combination of platinum and white on these handcrafted ceramic lamps is an equally luxurious but slightly colder solution. Combined with our white lampshades, pieces from this collection will stand as a perfect representation of refinement in your home decor.