Collection: Red Table Lamps

Historically, red has been associated with passion, courage, and love. Lamps in this collection can easily be a metaphor for an everlasting contradiction that lives in all humans. The artisan created these pieces from scratch, putting his mind, effort, emotions, and struggles into them. They may appear as modern red lamps, but they combine antique shapes with a primary color. The result is extraordinary, as it allows us to enjoy wild varieties of dark and fiery temper of light red. 

Red Ceramic Table Lamps

Red ceramic is widely recognizable as it dates from old Greece. Pieces that we today know as classic vases are known as red figures pottery, and scenes presented on them usually have origins in myths. Two and a half millennia later, we can still witness this unique color being used in artist’s pieces, just today, combined with modern technology and new uses of pottery. Your small red table lamp can be an exciting art piece with a rich history and a compelling origin story. Today, we are interested in modern lines, abstract shapes, and unusual combinations of colors. This collection of red ceramic lamps can meet your expectations by combining old traditions with a new artistic approach.