Collection: Brown Table Lamps

Brown is often connected with the earth, giving a solid, safe impression. In this collection, however, we will be able to see a new dimension of brown. This color gets a playful character if it’s set as a contrast to shades of blue, white, or gold. The ending result can look like a modern artistic impression of sedimentary rocks.

Gold and brown table lamps are classic, luxurious pieces perfect for homes with wooden furniture. 

Brown Ceramic Table Lamps

All lamps in this collection are carefully designed and crafted, and with their exciting combination of colors, you will get a unique, high-quality piece. 

Depending on your style, you can choose one of the lighter, spring-like mixes of green and brown. Or, if you feel bold, maybe a combination of gold and cocoa brown with a golden lamp base. 

If you want an exquisite dark brown lamp, we recommend our metallic mottled cocoa glaze for a color that dances between the shades of the deep dark cocoa and appears almost black in the shade. Whatever you choose, one thing is sure -  you will get a product that will not be just another item in your house. Brown lamps from this collection are one-of-a-kind, handmade, and signed by Paul Schneider.